2. Philosophies At 23

The glass is always full
 Of something.
Knowing is a wall,
Learning is a wrecking ball.

3. Remember

Do you remember my promise to you?
I forgot again.
Why am I cursed with this mind?

4. Skipping Stones on The Bones Of The Sea

Telltale tatters, reluctant tones,
Conversations like skipping stones
On the bones of the sea,
Once vast and deep.
Now we barely skim the surface…
No, we’ll never reach the depths
While we’re just skimming the surface
From the shore of the beach
Skipping stones on the bones of the sea.

5. Worms

Every little worm in this town
Wormed it’s way into my frown
Now I can’t see upside-down!
Oh my god
It’s really real
Oh my jeeze.
What do I do?

6. Firefly Stars

Spit out the breeze
I breathe in the east
Freeway firflies like
Stars in the trees
I can taste the west coast
Open and free
Drone and queen bee
Shagbark hickory
This is it….
Pretty soon, I’ll be in Washington.
Is everything at home really over?
I’m leaving….
I’m really leaving.
Don’t wait up for me
I won’t wait up for you
Hope you and everyone
Don’t forget me too soon.
We drove to the rainbow
I met my favorite color
She filled me sky
A deep dark indigo
That’s how I saw
How bright the moon was
That’s how I saw
The size of the world
From the sky.
That’s how I saw
How bright the moon was
That’s how I saw
The size of the world
from the sky.

7. Waves

The waves you rode
The words you wrote
I rode them like a boat inside a throat
Of warbling chord-plucked tones;
Sounds from hollow bones.
My eye burns with pride.
You would sign anything I’d like.
What do you hide
In your inside?

8. Dead

Can you see the ghost
I left in the east?
Is my room my tomb?
Will I remember to dream?
I rode a blind horse
Over a tight rope.
Am I dead to everyone I know?
Is everyone dead to me?

9. Thin Blankets

My inside’s a butterfly, soft velvet.
Wonder why I wade in the wallowing sea?
Your heart is a derelict plastic island in the sea.
Pollution of everyone you know.
Are you feeling tired,
Wrapped up, writhing recluse?
You wore words to keep you warm.
Thin blankets and social norms.

10. Perspective

You live further outside everything
Than I could step back,
So I need your perspective.

11. Everyone Is Everything

What I am inside your head is real.
What you know and what you see is true.
I exist exactly as you see me,
Because you see me.
I am what you make me,
And what I make myself too
.Everyone is Everything
That anyone thinks is true.

12. Topanga Canyon

Woke me up to show me
An ocean of clouds at our feet.
From the mountain top where we sleep
Everything looks so pretty.

13. Alone In New Mexico

Steep my soul in a riverflow
In New Mexico.
Steep my heart 
In your tongue, for a time,
My everything… for now. 
I don’t know your real name,
And you didn’t know mine,
But I didn’t mind.
We had our secret hot spring where you sprung me to life again
Near the end of summer
It was simple
In a canyon
At the foot of the universe.
Does life have to be
More than you and me
Here and now?
Lets not leave.
Lets just never leave.
We’ve got nowhere to be.
Lets just never leave. 
Cause if we do it’ll be, most likely

14. Lucy In The Sky With Diamond Dave

Diamond Dave said,
“Cast a wide net
Find the common thread
Let life flourish
And then
Don’t Panic
Just Keep it organic”
Wisdom from a long time
Summed up in four (?) lines.

15. Rambling

My first day in Ithaca I jumped off a waterfall,
Stood in a swarm of bees and had the best strawberries ever,
And there was no doubt in my mind that leaving home was the right choice.
I’m sorry I won’t be home for the wedding; it’s nothing that you did.
It’s not who you’re marrying,
it’s a bunch of other stuff I didn’t tell you,
Cause I don’t like to complain.
  I’m in debt, student loans.
My car got totaled.
I have a shitty job.
 I don’t want to work here.
I don’t want to do what I went to school for.
The girl I’m with is doing lots of fucked up shit.
Yeah, It only took a month for them to fuck,
And go to the Grand Canyon,
And move in together.
Shameless, desperate, hysterical persistence is a proven tactic.
Oh, how much longer will I sit here,
At this truck stop with thumb up on the side of the road in Colorado?
At least it’s beautiful.
Nine hours is a lot longer when you’re alone.
Twenty-four is even more,
Especially when those California rednecks from the middle of the state are giving you the middle finger.
Oh, but it was worth it to get to you
And see it through.
I said I’d do all these things, and I did,
And I didn’t spend a dime on lodging.
If nothing else, I’m a man of my word.
I’m a manly man of my word
I’ve got a word,
It’s for you, it’s for me!
I found a place where the forest and beach and the river meet
It’s pretty neat,
And it’s perfect,
And I remember where it is.
If I only had a map
Then I could get back.
One day when I meet a girl so wonderful and great,
We will go there and it will be the very best date…
The very best in the whole universe!
And if that’s not good enough then there’s no way,
Cause  probably won’t have a good job or any money.
So the only thing’s I’ve got going for me are the places I remember that I’ve seen
That I think you’d like to see, if you like to see things that I like to see.
You were on mushrooms, I created the world
With the words that I said to keep you out of that place.
You and I went to the friendship forest,
It was so nice <3
Kaleidoscopic trees!
Alligators with circuit board mouths and Kuala bears,
And snuggling and cuddling.
So hysterically, you cling to me,
Snotting everywhere, but hey… it’s just stuff.
It’s just stuff.
That’s all it is.
I don’t believe in monogamy,  
And everyone said I was dumb for not taking the chance when you invited me to your house while your fiancé was out on a business trip.
I slept in your bed… I just slept in your bed,
And that was it.
I guess I just don’t have it in me.
Some people think that’s cool,
And some people think I’m a fool.
I still think I’m cool.
Yeah, I don’t have a job,
I live at home with my mom,
I’m 23,
I don’t have a car,
I don’t have money.
But I’m still cool!

16. Cleo

Somewehre behind my mind
You were a whisper inside
Trying to find
Something hidden behind
A thin set of ribs,
Like a cage from my spine.
What’s this strange thing I’m feeling,
…mulling over?
Our hearts grew in the east,
But here we are
In San Fransico.
Wish your plane didn’t leave tomorrow.
Will I see you when I get back home?
Oh, Cleo…

17. Rivers and Roads

Rivers and roads,
They look the same from here…
A map of green squares.
Everything I saw on my way here is now below me.
Show me everywhere I’ve been from here.
The world felt so big…
But it looks so small,
I guess it really is.
Am I in heaven?
Or a plane in the window seat?
Looking at everything covered in clouds,
Like a dream.
Rivers and roads
they all like the same,
just lines everywhere.
I just washed my soul in them yesterday.
I took six months getting through that stuff,
And I’ll be back home in six hours.

18. East Coast Stagnant Blues

Oh, it seems familiar.
Fond memories
Of the bend in the street.
Run down to the station
Never sure if I’m coming back
To this town.
East Coast Stagnant Blues
Yeah, I got ‘em again
Pretty soon after I made it home.
The scene has evolved,
But that bar
Can only keep me occupied
For so long…

19. Wonderstanding

I saw a vast expanse
Beyond the shores of the island.
Tear down walls and
Go and grow and wonderstand.
The wires aren’t grasping your feet
 As tightly as you think.
It’s okay,
You can go. 
Go and grow and learn and unlearn
Just don’t [ever /think you] know (uh oh!)
Go and Grow and learn and unlearn
And just wonderstand 
…Or something?
I don’t know.