1. That’s Not Me

I got the time to kill but I wouldn't grow out my beard 
No I wouldn't hold up my beers cause that's not me

2. Things That I Should Sing

I’m gonna write a song and name it things that I should sing
I never wanna talk ever again but I’ll give in to say what Kenny should’ve said
We’re every chocolate bird stationed patient on a fence
And sudden thumps they scare us into flying crying over all the perched and dirt we left

In quiet smile I dream of a crock catching and hatching me
Felt melting my crackling outside so’s to expose my guts all gooey
Yet, in everstatic I squeeze, bracing and beg “please, please, don’t hurt me”
Gonna paint on the insides of my eyelids
“From what I hide and what I seek is always free”

So I pulled at all my chains until I finally was unglued
And now the gravity has switched to me and under all this weight I finally feel a truth
I can never kill the me that lives inside of you
I love you so I have to let you go and you can finally take a walk in your own shoes

I’m not about to crack you open, that’s not my paradise to play
Though my outsides are broken I ask you to quell my tempt and never paint
The entropic heat of all my innards keep me warm but I’ll always ask you to stay
And keep the company to my cool roof
From what I hide and what I seek is always me

3. Tender Tender Young Tender

You didn’t wear a costume today
And all of the ghosts and ghouls
Swarmed around you
Staring at a house you once were in
And your kin there too
You were a teardrop today
And when you saw that the grass didn’t grow on this lawn anymore
You just couldn’t stop being yourself
You said you couldn’t help yourself you said
I held it in for as long I could

But from here on this street we are points on a plane
Infinitely far apart
It seems we’ll never see each other ever again

And me on the other side of town
Singing because I saw someone I barely know
But could mean something to me someday
And I’m happy my friend’s happy for me
And where did my dream go, a ghost you probably passed
On your way to your confirmation
Yes, you too are human
Yes, you sir are human

And her walking next to him again
A friendship rejoiced in words and the swapping of kisses
I’m blinded by its beauty something I’ve always wanted
And something you might miss a love you never got to tell them
Just how much they meant to you
But thousands of miles poses a problem

But from farther away we are points on a plane
Infinitely close together
Touching each one another, and I’m right next to you

4. The Cure to Sleep(less)

Where I can't sleep is where Kim said that I should sleep
No playing guitar in the dark there
Reserve the stage right side of bed
For my comfy green pillow
But that takes too much will power

The cure to sleepless

Just rollover to the other
To waste time in my conscious mind
So I won't have another
10 mile barely awake car-ride

Where I can't sleep is where Kim said this months ago
I know she's right but I still do nothing
And half the morally good things I skip
Aren't done because of my lazy life
Awareness of this doesn't just change it

5. Paw Bloom

All teethy smiles it seems, shy dog eyes reflecting shy dog eyes
We are mirrors and our pupils are glossy with chilly tears drawn from sailing bikes
Out of mouth comets a light and we share it
Each a puzzle piece tearing for fun and panting at trying so hard
I'd let you have it if you want but we both know it makes us wag

To tense up and let go, so face facts
So it goes, don't let go of your hair
So it grows, don't let go of your teeth
So it shows, don't let go
And when the time comes ask it for a chance
It might make you beg, so learn your trick and tell him
"I won't take no"

Our masters are walking, our legs are awkward
I am talking the release of a dog backwards barking, a jargonish banter 
(Juggernaut panther)
Our mouths are moving, our hands are distant
I am wincing at a sun I am not used to seeing, we kiss too often in darkness
And an absence that is filling your stomach and questions I sometimes need answered
But I don't mind when I'm close I see a craving in your dilation
And I agree and I am screaming it back at you in your own reflection

6. Sandcrab (with Frankie Piccirillo)

Back down to the beach where I put my ear to a shell that still housed a sand crab
I listened for the ocean but only heard the whisper of its presence, and it sang its song to my ear
I’d much rather listen to the ocean than ever hear her again 
But I put my lips to the seashell that still housed the sand crab
I kissed a girl who didn’t kiss me back 
And I fell for the feeling that is fleeting in the midst of the ocean
I asked you to let me
I asked you to let me
I asked you to show me
I asked you to show me
What I was missing
Through kissing

I mistook bullshit for buried treasure and so I chased the scent of gilded guilt-ridden words written on pretty pink paper

7. Indian Head Road

Hearing hinders feeling wind on your unknowingly cold face
Didn't know it but your face is frozen now
I know if I were deaf I'd bike through a hurricane
Just to feel that no sound scrape across my ears
A soaking seat ain't fun 
Unless you're soaked as well
Hearing hinders feeling wind on your unknowingly cold face

8. Sharing Twizzlers

He does nothing to prevent the inevitable
Even though he knows surely early on its way it’s coming

I would like to share my Twizzlers
But I know he would take them all he’s all he’s got a care affair for

You’re a dick
You make me sick 
And I can’t find a reason to stick with you, we miss you

9. To Hit a Snare

I wanna bike real far and drop my body in a park and pant until I'm calm enough to say "I'm fine"
And know that there's another body bathing in the summer peach next to mine
Then fall asleep half eyed and dumb smiled in the breeze under a rotten orange sky
Spit in the river, watch the worst parts of me disperse; change into good, become sundried
Into the sound and then spread out, kiss a hundred fish
Never make a wish
Each day to a passerby say good day

I want to lick my lips and fly fast down a hill and cling to my wet tee shirt and sing along 
With a tapping of 
The summer rain; to throw my socks into the trash and find a lawn 
And run through a sprinkler
Still be drinking water
Find a good field; lie down in it; count clouds, squint to their passing
Dry off in the shaking hair and pedaled motion; always up for ice cream
Feel my knee scrapes and forearms in the wind of my pedaled motion
Shoulders always warm
Never hold on tight
Each morning to the sun say good morning and mean it
Each night to the friend say goodnight and mean it

10. At This Moment, I Feel as if…

Keep your face in the tunnel of my eye
I no longer have peripheral rest
Please don't rest though
Your bird's head turn will make me jealous
Keep your phone dry, mine's a little sick
So my sight might not stay in tune
When you're gone so long
My lack of effort makes you jealous

Keep your face in the tunnel of my eye
Noticing things I should have before
With my blue I watch
Your green stare doesn't make me nervous
Keep your friend first, am I still a risk?
Though this four-pack crayons shift her thinking
On my notebook
Secret date plans maybe makes her nervous

Keep your face in the tunnel of my eye
Your green stare doesn't make me nervous
And forget "at this moment I feel as if..."
'Cause I know we'll stay in each other's focus
A confident reassurance

11. Now a before Shadow

You popped a pill and saw a god
I rode a bike
And I felt the breeze pass me by and I cried for you

I’ve got my worries in a headlock on the edge of the summer
And I’m screaming “Don’t fuck this up Greg, you only live once”
But as soon as danger’s face is facing me
I face the sky and pretend I don’t know you

And still today I see the same cloud ribbon gift wrapped heaven as I used to
I wanna rip the sky open like Christmas morning children do
I wanna rip the sky open and see what makes it rain, and shine, and raise, and ruin
I wanna rip the sky open and see

Into an empty parking lot, a cloudy sky, and a werewolf moon
Into a growing vastness that has come too soon
Into my growing bones that will become me too

Impatient frustration on empty hands

It starts all stepping out of the snow and I can’t help but give it away
And I can’t keep myself from being taken away

And still today I see the same cloud ribbon gift wrapped heaven as I used to
I wanna rip the sky open like Christmas morning children do
I wanna rip the sky open like Christmas morning children do
I wanna rip the sky open and see what makes it rain, and shine, and raise, and ruin
I wanna rip the sky open and see

Into an empty parking lot, a cloudy sky, a werewolf moon
A note I can’t stop reading, friends that will be leaving me soon
And the reasons I’m changing with the change that surrounds me and you

12. Lisa’s Ukulele

I fell in love far away from my lover
And my heart was healed I will be good forever
When I fell in love I sank in Lisa’s cushion

I fell in 
Love on a couch
You weren't there
So I told Rob
It was so

Made me cry
Made us sing
Stole Lisa's
And drove a while

Had to sing
Woke me up
Made me smile
Made Matt clap
His hands to dance

A car never 
Felt so close
To the sky
I wish I was higher

Ken plays till 
His fingers bleed 
His clumsy plucks
Atop the nylon strings

Rob he 
Almost got us killed
Hands danced the wheel 
And turned in swervy swings

I wish he did
For all I care 
I want
To watch 
Landing below

I never wanted
More to die 
Right there
Driving down
The road

I fell in
Love then 
Fell asleep
In my head
Driving down the road

13. Another Half-Day Collision Crush

Took a trip around the universe
Laying on a hilltop IMAX sky
I learned all about your black and white stripes
And how they affect me
And my body high
And great glass elevator glances
And you hoping I know how to laugh at all that awkwardness
I did

After James Earl Jones briefed us on our
Outer space task yeah we did what he asked
And as a reward got to travel the world

In fields so real, zebras everywhere
Sit and stare at our separate infatuations
We are only there, only we are there

Then the invitations to a fancy walrus party
From a set of tusks in a monocle and top hat
We were so inclined to go

But the intercom, it brought us back to life
In the funny panic of being trapped
We way too quickly found our people friends

It always goes so fast and
I wonder if you wonder what my favorite animal is