1. Durnk Sonhg

I fell asleep so drunk and dreamt of you
My heartbeat woke me
Pounding loud
I'm not comfey now
Lets curl up in the corner of the couch again
Keep on crawling closer to the end
A plot again
Too tired I'm going back to bed
Small steps
Everything will be fine

2. Where You Are

What do [you/I] see
when [you/I] look outside?
Burning wood.
I don’t like what I see.
Watch me where you are
I won’t go where you aren’t
I won’t go, I won’t go!

3. Bellmoon

I brought a bell
to the moon.
I turned on a dime
and saw
you walk into
I don’t know where

4. Hapset

I'm wearing gloves
I've never seen the world
Moving quick across it's surface
Feeling fine
Knowing I'm in motion
Oh my motion makes me feel so stoked and
That meaningful emotive moment
It is good enough
But is it good enough
A minute afterward?
I've never seen the world
And fuck these stupid gloves

5. Easi Done

green yellow red yellow off yellow off yell it off
and it's off 'til the end of the road
or when it gets in my head
yet again and again
yell it off yell it off 
'til the end

dancing hula skirt dandelion lamppost
posed alien sprinkler sounds muddy dirt
dead proud dog firehydrant underground icicles
mirror image parking lots of puddletown trash

6. Woke Up

I woke up from a dream.
I saw your light across the sea.
Now I can’t get back to sleep.

7. Sleep

Go to sleep.
You don’t have to prove
to me.

8. Classics

Everybody grows a beard eventually
Soon enough shaves it off
Builds a time machine
Draws a bunch of cartoons
Takes cold showers
Loses their awareness
Acts like a camel
Then they grow a beard again
And forget that they grew it out the first time
They never did
Yeah they think they never did

"Between all the important parts of their life, illustrated above and below, they wake up every morning with a thousand knots in their back only to lay in the sink and turn the hot water on, letting it pour over them. Doing nothing to help, but feeling better than terrible. They spend the days carrying microwaves in their backpacks but seldom use them for anything other than checking the time or getting cancer. They don't sing about any of it because their health and truth are meaningless, whereas all the things that shouldn't be meaningful are meaningful enough to sing over a dumb little song they wrote. But love is rightfully meaningful, and although it might seem they're singing about nothing, they're singing about love. A beautiful vague love. So everyone continues looking, talking about nothing, singing about it, and eventually finding it."

Everybody shaves their head eventually
Soon enough grows it out
Throws away their couch
Plans another road trip
Takes on Sephiroth
Thinks about what they should've said to their crush
Then they shave their head again
And forget that they shaved it off the first time
They never did
Yeah they--never did

9. Universe

Fell out of love
with the universe.
The universe
fell out of love
It’s okay…
it’s over.

10. A Lost Plot

I'm sure I lost the whole plot
When I read pages of white
I kept on reading this book
Though I didn't bother writing it
Instead I guessed what happened
I'm sure I grew a beard, shaved my head
Like everybody does 
As a "hit rock bottom" protagonist
And I'm not looking for a symbol
Just the horizontal scene
Of the widest smiles in the world
And when you drifted off to sleep
"What made your heart beat loud?"
I wondered "What was in your dream?"
Now every silence I feel
I need to feel your heartbeat
And put on fruitylicious lipstick
So when we kiss it tastes sweet
If I ever find your soul again
Will it still be sweet and kiss me?