1. Every Grain The Same

Outside in the back the cold air attacks
The blistering wind's got a sting like nostalgia's fingers
See the feelings I've shelved, I look at myself and start
to wonder if the calendar's been skipping
Cause the trees were all shedding, but I wasn't ready
Awoke to reality's knock witnessing someone's ending
Such an expert at forgetting the plans I've been setting
I fumble a thought, it gets lost, oh how they always slip my mind
I can't find the time
Been meaning to grab it from summer's pockets, but she always runs away like she wants to play
And the child inside me gets excited
It looks like fun...

2. Cotton Candy

Oh here it comes
I think we're ready to go
Well our grins they were growing
Our eyes opened up for the show
From the bleachers we played with
cotton candy colored skies
Then with the tunes in our heads
saddled up and rode off in the night
Decorations placing sparks of wonder
inside my mind
And the smell of fire and crisp air
warmed me inside
Engulfed in the sound
Stitching the tunes to the times
We were sprawled in a field watching
the stars come to life
Hot chocolate and candy, like kids
on the side of the road
We were warming our fingers
We could no longer ignore the cold
As the show was ending I bottled my
feelings and capped them tight
Then surrounded by our friends we
closed out the night
Can I hold onto those feelings and
keep them inside?
I want to hold those feelings tight

3. Andromeda

I felt ashamed watching a bumblebee
So I said I'd stay in to fill my cup, it's been soaked up
Time's fabric absorbs everything
But I cursed my will and left, my mind in ruins, as I
approached the barn
Where I looked up, swallowed my guts as Andromeda
took me by the arm

"Look where you are"

When all my troubles felt like buzzing bees I couldn't
swat away, I realized there's no should or shouldn't
There's no point from which we stray
And each crippling tick that gets my worries going and
devastates my days
Is dwarfed by cosmic implications
So what's the size of all your pain?

Now I understand her
Now I understand

That all the knots inside this tangled mess
Can all be untied
Just keep my insignificance close to my mind
When worry draws you down her well, a thousand miles long
Just hold onto those freeing thoughts 23 candles strong

4. New Cocoons

Down in the lonely well of gloom
Or drifting off in pools of June
A battle for the self ensues
Well just remember to be true

Down and overwhelmed by anger's bloom
Her canopy blocking the view
A Mayfly floats itself right through
And I remember to be true

You succumb to phases with the moon
But time will offer new cocoons
Just let those stars come into view
Always the right time to be true

5. Saturn's Treasures

Peer through the door, I see a Saturn day
I'm lying out in the porch, feel the Sun's kind rays
He has the newspaper draped across his face
While she's there mining her brain with that puzzler's gaze
Then I leap up and fly to the workbench in the basement
where you lent hands to my fresh and childish imagination
So I could brave the storm in the flooding of the gutter
Or cut those rungs to form, to hang in the tree, ripe with wonder
And you, the bonding glue, teach us the games that come with
our name to carry away, and don't stop playing, keep moving
those keys, so elegantly, pass it down the tree, right to me, the
strings that you gave, they helped me stay sane, when I'd drift away
Off in space, I'd think myself sore, visiting old shores or peering
through doors I can still feel the warmth of those golden days
Lying out in the the porch in the Sun's kind rays
On any newspaper's date, I can find that place
The memories live on, I keep them safe

6. Followed Home

Packed my bags with angry hands
I'm in my head the whole way home
Finally made it, no more cravings
Had my fill of being alone
I mean you can only go so deep
Sometimes it's scary what you'll find
I could shake it, fill that space back up with
just a pinch of time
Cause what would pace around that cave
was not a lasting form of mine
Thought I saw something in the mirror
Must be a figment of my mind
Had so much fun in Summer's sun
Is it a Tuesday or July?
Then comes that weight when it gets late
I find myself cranking a vice
I thought I had ditched it on that road
I guess the distance won't suffice
You tap into another you and then that door's
forever there
You can't unsee the ugly scenes, can only take
notes from your hair
And bring a candle to those caves
And look yourself right in the eyes

So what's it mean?
I still dream in green
Feeding off fantasies
Am I me?
A scarecrow on Venus
Who only tells of carousels
It feels like the incessant faucet drip
I am not who I am not who I ought to be
But what's that mean?
I'm nauseous off fantasies
It easy to take down a mirror
Though it's good to know
Where each door goes
And how deep you can sink into it
Gotta find the switch

7. Flint

I'm thinking of blistering cold nights
By the complex my mind is racing
But my atoms they're still as a stone
They crave vibration they'll never know
Got my laughter to wear as a coat
Til' I find my cave where I'll melt alone
Watching snowflakes float past the screen
Then make my way outside or into a dream
It's strange how memory gets twisted with time
Now I want it back
Now I miss that life

8. Back to the Basement

Carry me back to fire pit days, then down to the basement getaway
Where we'd spill it all out, and wear our shapes in the couch
Then happiness came in simpler ways
Tomorrow's looks just like yesterday's
Like a seat in the yard blowing smoke or a car wearing tracks into the loop
Feels like a dream that ended too soon
Back then each worry fell like a seashell from a seagull in the parking lot
All the crushed clam remains coating the pavement brushed away
As we hopped on a bike, carved through the town, wove a tapestry made
from "now and nows"
We'd just float and laze away, get rich off stands of lemonade someday far far away,
But for now I think I'll stay here
Then all of the shells began to poke through
I cursed what I knew I had to do
Put the back pack away and get to turning the page
Cause I couldn't deny the presence of sun
The whistle has blown, the games begun
And out the window again, the bare raspberry skeletons like a fingerprint of time
I had flushed her out of my mind

Show me the path to the fountain
It's overgrown in my mind
And though we savored each drop
I think we thought we would return to it in time
Well it's time

9. Why Can't I Find It?

Stretching my stem towards the light
Sitting inside, chipping away the crack
in the window pane, stuck in a figure eight
Everyone’s licking their lips, they speak with their eyes
Want to hear mine?
Asleep on an endless drive, my dreams keep me pacified
I want to dive deep into me, and sink into you, connecting the two
I’d let you wear my shoes and spill what you wanted to
Grasp at some skeleton feeling dead for too long, they say “leave me alone”
It’s like sucking the life from stone, pick on some other bones
In a splash of sparks galaxies smash in the dark, so I ponder my gravity
And will I collide? Leave it to chance to decide, keep fate next to fantasy
I want a brand new sun
I want to be swollen with passion
Just someone to get me high

10. Raspberry Skeletons

The morning comes, I’m hours late
Tired of how the fibers lay expressionless
or fake, and while purpose isn’t real,
I’ve sunk my teeth into the thought
and ground them down to dust
Humored delusions have a cost
You can’t fake it til’ it’s real
So I crawl out of my cocoon and everything’s
the same
Can’t dwell on raspberry skeletons and
then expect a change
My good intentions were just decoys when
summer begged to play
Just some excuse for letting electric
storms fill up the day
I can’t calculate the time anymore
This messy mind I can’t ignore
Unwrap the plastic and scuff me up
And ditch my blanket
I’ll get up