1. Balloon

Hands in her hair
Gazing out towards the ocean
Relaxed in their love
There's still enough
At least the moment exists
But can love sustain?
Growing brighter forever?
Or is it born just to fade?
You can't escape the power of time

In the blink of an eye
They crawl back to the water
To cast off their love
There's not enough
Best to save what is left
Sift the depths of the wreck
Try to search for some meaning
To make sense of the pain
To take the blame
I don't think it exists

So you hold it
Like a balloon
But your grip slips
It escapes you
And it hurts bad
As it flies away
Sometimes life is cruel
But you try again

2. F. Emera

Morning, in the wake of an atom bomb
Lovers now reside in tombs of ash devoid of life
Their momentary paradise in pieces
Search the rubble for reason
Dying on time
The blood red rivers sparkle in the sun's indifferent light
Turn it sideways
And it still looks the same
You have a good day
But a number remains

Dreaming through the lull of an open sea
She's battled with time
The years have shed their days
And now the moment's taking shape
Resign from daydreams
Ready to feel reality
A love she can hold
Her mind's pulled out of sleep
She hears the unforgiving sea seep in to strangle her wishes
Involuntary, but vicious
It's pouring inside
She curses out to no one for a life of wasted time
Gasping for reason
Final moments are fleeting
And after the fight
The sunrise decorates the scene in apathetic light
Feel each dark day's irregular shape
Turn it sideways and force it in place
Drink the juice up and savor the taste
Make the most of, cause time doesn't wait

3. Truth Teeth

Wake and have fun with me
Sync up each breath with me
Entertain the whims of my new eyes
Squeeze the juice til' every second's bone dry
Let this new lightness breathe
Spit me out at the beach
Lubricate our minds with a brown bag
Battling the light as we bike back
Though time seems irrelevant
An ivy-draped overgrown monument
A constant stream of joys and fog to feel fine
Can't afford to let any dust rise
But as I talk to myself
I see the growth is just a shell
Always on the verge of collapsing
As silence starts to strum on those heart strings
And soon it will just be me
Truth begins to show its teeth

4. Apples

Broken lines
Been disconnected quite some time
Can you reverse the resignations
After growing towards different Suns?

There's no excuse for not even lacing my shoes
Good days now buried in the basement
Well you could save them if you choose

Three apples fall, roll in different directions
Now it's hard to talk from their separate dimensions
Had every chance, but I always clutched a mirror
And now at last, it couldn't be clearer
I'm too late

5. N. Algos

Two silly smiles, decorative sweaters
I can shake it alive and control the weather
I stop and it dies, I can try, but I just
can't spend my days inside a snow globe
And how did they fade outside the photo?
Guess I'll let them be in their peace
As an artifact left from a golden December
Memory's cruel, that's all I remember
And the melting of clocks just won't stop
So I keep dipping my hands likes it's a bowl of candy, but it's so bittersweet I hardly can stand it
I'm overcome by a weight, think I'll break
But in time the tide will recede, escape through my fingers
Wash the years out to sea, blurring the features
Like a balloon swept away, watch it fade
So be careful sculpting your pain from scenes inside snow globes
You can't pull away once you get too close
You'll give them a shake, but just wait cause you'll marry the moments
Then the snow settles down

6. Cocoon

Knelt down as the lagoon grew quiet
And I tried defending the sight
I'm tempted by a stone
But don't do that
Let the water speak
The straight light is just what you need
So let it have a home
But I grow and die everyday
Take two steps in then run away
I don't know when I scratched the lens
It cost a limb to see the dent
So let me feel a cocoon's embrace
And start clean on a brand new page
I know which way to grow
Keep your eyes centered in my mind
And add weight to my temper's line
Now learn to walk alone
I won't grow and die everyday
Two steps inside now all the way
Speak in truths and feed your roots
Just make your move, there's no excuse
Respect your place, appreciate
It's good that pain is friends with change

7. Free to Roam, Free to Fall

Awoke to the stirrings of May
Her breeze kisses me on the face
I cling to the doorway of sleep
To see out the end of my dream
As the sun coaxes Spring into bloom
She sheds light on a mess of a room
Says you really should exit your head
Cause the dream never ends
You just climb towards some elusive peak
As if you'd say this is all that I need
Just get up
And stop breaking each mirror you see
Cause a chip of reflection is cheap
It's not enough
You'll lose your glow
But you won't know
And if you don't grow...
Well that which refuses to move just eventually gets old
So the picture starts melting away
The colors trickle down the page
The brightest burn holes in my eyes
Witches seep in and run wild
They force me to reset the stage
But they've distorted the time and the place
I'm panicking inside a dream
But you're not here to wake me
I've walked off the trail to the peak
Well what did I wager to be free?
I can't know
So I'll float like a seed in the breeze
Hoping to find ground, but there's no guarantee
Hope I'll learn that there's not one tree with all the fruit
I guess sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

8. Paralysis

Feel afraid, can't find the door
What's it all about?
What's this all about?
There's someone here
A creaking floor
Feet glued to the ground
Someone let me out

I lose my grip, I float away
Alone as you could be
For an eternity
I watch it fade, from deep in space
And I can't make a sound
Just come and let me out

The plane descends, enters the sea
Barely make it out, darkness all around
I'm not alone, there's something below
And now I wait it out
You used to let me out

But I'm far away
Too far away
And it hurts to say
But I've got to wait

9. Dandelions

Another weekend comes to an end
I hear the summer's getting ready for bed
Makes my heart want to vomit, feel it swelling up
And now nostalgia's come barreling in

All the creatures know just where to go
Start preparing as it starts to get cold
I can't seem to locate the flow
Not so smart when I'm lying alone

And so I search my thoughts so carefully
Still they bend
And now I feel guilty feeling this way
Guess I just crave some form of movement
The canary's about to die
It's a sign
Something poisonous leaking inside

But these tendrils are wrapped too tight
There's no slipping away
Just keep wishing on dandelions until they've gone extinct
Not enough time to waste
You can't wish your way out

10. Fish Bowl

I look up
It feels good
I feel small
Like I should
Still I crave
And I cry
I've felt love
And I smile
And I don't know why, but I'll try
The smallest of waves, are they mine?
Do I just watch or can I drive?
I look in
It feels good
I ask why
Like I should
And I'm big as a sun, and I'm small as a seed
And I'm loving and kind and I'm selfish and mean
The weight of a lifetime, on top of an ant
And the feelings are real, but who talks to my hands
Well I speak the words like they're mine
Do I have a say? Should I try?
Well you wouldn't know a free mind
I'll leave the smallest fingerprints
By choice or was it imminent?
My evolution just a script
Death right on time
So who's to blame for loss of love?
Or broken minds turned murderous
Or every joy that carries us year after year
Delude ourselves with permanence
A shield to insignificance
Just please don't ever speak of it
We cherish our lies
Are we destined to question our fate?
And think ourselves in figure eights?
With no discovery to be made
Hungry for life