1. Philosophy at 23/at 24

The glass is always full
…of something

Knowing is a wall
Learning is a wrecking ball

The glass is always full
Always full of something

Don’t forget the air
It is all around you
Just breath

2. Party in the Backseat

How do you know?
Where do you go?
How do you grow?
Party in the backseat of a car
Call me if you can’t sleep…
Party in the backseat of a car
You don’t know me
You don’t know me truly now

3. Answer Tide

In your head
Out of your mind
You think too much
Just take your time

Even in your arms I feel
That cold dead heart/soul empty thing
I know I won’t find what I need
To fix it all outside of me
I know…

We won’t wither/waste away
We’ll whistle, walk outside
Enjoy the day
Walk to where the moon pulls out the tide
Help pull the answers from inside
We walk outside

4. The Fog

Thoughts are fleeting
Seething though my barren bones
Swelling my brain and seeping out as chord-plucked tones
That are breathing life into an old wayward child

The fog is bad enough when I’ve had my rest
The fog it is bad enough when I’ve had my rest
and I’m tired
I haven’t slept a wink in a long while

Where did I end up and what’s the date and time?
Eyes kept peeled on the road I missed the exit sign
but I won’t be lost until I’m found

Callously content with everything we see
Give it some thought and delve beneath the crust and be
Something more than
Stuck inside a cage that you can’t see

Olly olly oxen free my mind
From the undertow of the social tide
We’ll be the sea
Vast and free

6. Firefly Stars

Spit out the breeze I breathe in the east
Freeway fireflies like stars in the trees
I can taste the west coast
Open and free
Drone and queen bee
Shagbark hickory

Is this it?
Pretty soon I’ll be in Washington.
Is everything back home really over?
I’m… leaving.
I’m really leaving.

Don’t wait up for me
I won’t wait up for you
Hope you and everyone
Won’t forget me too soon

We drove to the rainbow
I met my favorite color
She filled my sky
A deep dark Indigo
That’s how I saw how bright the moon was
That’s how I saw the size of the world from the sky

7. What Color

Words seep from my fingertips
Through half-awake dreams
Painting pictures buried
In a half-asleep mind


I grew up and forgot what color the world is
I grew up and forgot what color the world was.

11. Kite Without a String

Kite Without A string

I’m not mad at you
I’m just sad at us

This was watered down
I was fired up

A bird without its wings
Ain’t a Kite without a string

Free from everything
We’re not free from anything

…you know I won’t walk away for long.