1. So Much Passed

So much passed through my mind
Never to see light again
There it comes in a flash of light
Another flashing opposite
The problem is you think that you are right
Single mind, quick and accurate
The problem is everyone can't be wrong
So write those times good and passionate

2. Joy In Headaches

Rob: I know
I walked away so slowly
Now I'm going
Now I'm gone

I remember when I moved to Denver
I confirmed what I had already learned
And that is you can be with your friends
I can be with my friends
I can be with our friends

This song is not about you
And when I see you party I go back to throwing snowballs at Martin Luther King
Where I'm not worried about a thing
I'm not worried about anything at all

Greg: Oh man I'm always planning
Oh but I can't escape that sound
The one in the back of my head it's...
I think it's the one that keeps me around
Oh, but I won't forget it
No, when I come, I come back down
To face it, the joy in my headaches

Sometimes I know too soon and someone will have to feel left out
A phone call, a text, it's all stupid
You can't see the love 'cause I look at your mouth
Oh but you can't see through it
No, when you look, you look back down
But I've nothing to say, I'll just sing it
So fuck what you say, I'll just sing it

Sometimes I never knew it
Sometimes I never did find out
So many I've passed without thinking
So many have passed me...
Through my peripheral vision
My heart aims straight as a beam from a cloud
My head always says what it's thinking
My head makes it cloudy

Oh man it's always planning
Oh but I can't escape that sound
I'll dive into the arm of the ocean
I think it's the sun that keeps me around
Whatever David Weld did
Whatever got us here, be around
And face us, the joy in your headaches

3. Love Is A Feeling

Everyone judges each other's love
And Rob's right sometimes to just shut up
And not let every story become
Just that, a story for me may someday for some
Make it clearer
But you weren't there
You never saw
The back of her hair
In the mirror
No one was there
You didn't see her
I feel no song wills its sum

Some time at the restaurant
I think I started not to think a lot
And freed from the "what comes next"
I was as I am and then felt you touch my leg
And it made me shiver
But no one could feel
My world getting bigger
For you it's not real
A story's all numbers
But none were involved
For what, all this science
If it leaves no room to love

I don't know how to prove
I don't care what you do

Sometimes a voice inside of me
Is compelled to make sense out of everything
But the sun set it mute down on the rocky shore
Let me fall in love, it couldn't have been, and yet it was
And yet it was
Nothing so real
For what, all this science
If it leaves no room to feel?

I don't know how to prove
I don't care what you do

4. Hard Thoughts

Woods cry when the sun sleeps
Trees afraid of the dark
And their own bent creaking
Moon don't shed a tear
The world turns on
Nothing to be done

The sun too has to sleep
Why wish it were here?
Alone in the dark
Close your eyes and see clear

Woods, do you think the sun only comes where it's praised?
As if the light in your thoughts
Keeps that sun ablaze?
Crescent moon, smirking down on the earth
So proud, in the know
So high above the absurd
Until it's eclipsed
And it too is scared and rash
Logic becomes elusive in the darkness

Oh what a burden
To know you cause so much pain
Just to not be forgotten
Sun, would you feel betrayed?
Would you feel abandoned
If I let my thoughts stray?
Could you let me sleep Stellaless?
If it meant you had to watch me wander away?

Moon, all you can say (if I'm your sun)
Is "I won't feel betrayed" (if I'm your sun)
All you can say (if I'm your sun)
Is "go on, I won't feel betrayed"

You want my soft thoughts
I only give you hard thoughts
I know you want my soft thoughts
Oh, but don't be afraid
No matter how hard I speak
On your arm my hand would squeeze it away

5. No Place To Call My Home

I've got no place to call my home
I don't mind
I've got time

Sometimes I just wanna run away and leave behind
Everything and everyone I've ever known
But I know that can't help
Because I am everything and everyone

I'm sorry for being such a shitty boyfriend
But I'll be a better friend
I promise

6. Make Me A Mix!

Make me a mix
Show me what you've been listening to lately
Make me a mix
I don't care what for
Make me a mix
I just moved into my new apartment
Make me a mix
A new love needs a new song of course

I just moved into a new city
I just met a brand new girl
I need a song that's just as pretty
I need a mix to match my world
Lately I've been feeling shitty
Lately there's no song I sing
My old songs, they just aren't fitting
I need a mix that makes me wanna be alive
The kinda mix that really makes you wanna be alive
The one that does me right

Make me a mix
You could use up all 80 minutes
Make me a mix
And I could listen when I drive
Make me a mix
Put all the windows down and blast it
Make me a mix
The kind that makes rush hour fly by
Make me a mix
I like it when I like the songs then
Make me a mix
I gotta find the artist
Make me a mix
And they've got just the right album
Make me a mix
I never thought I'd hear it
I never thought there'd be a sound like that
Out there in the world
All I need is for you to want to send
Send me the world
Pack it in a CD, tape or url
Make me a mix!