2. Philosophy At 23 At 24

The Glass is always full
Always full of something
Don’t forget the air
It is all around you
Just breathe…

3. Love Without

Love is simple love is easy
If you let it stand all on its own
Why we make it complicated
I don’t think that I will ever know
Separate it from your ego
From your insecurity you hold
I don’t wish to possess you or
Anyone ever at all…
I don’t have the energy to
Be everything to anyone
I don’t expect you to be my
Everything anymore
So, love without expectation
If you want to feel a love that’s true

5. Monogamy

How was your day?
How was your day?
Wanna do something… new?

6. Roads That Wind

Took my time
Roads that wind
Oh, my love…
Took our time
Roads that wind
Oh, my love…
I don’t even mind
All your Inconsistent lies
Subtle and sly
You knew everything I liked
You knew why
I wouldn’t see you
Oh, my love…
Do you feel loved?

7. Glow Across The Sea

I felt your glow across the sea
I felt your sound resound in me
Soft and bright, and something free
I felt your glow across the sea
You were a window
Outside my view
I saw through you
Into something that’s true
Within me, or…
Within you?
I don’t know
But I saw it.

8. The Path You Walk Is What You Are

The path you walk is what you are
Honesty in secrets
Truth in lies
Winding and wallowing around us
Nothing lives and nothing dies
Strange just how
Your face looks different now
I know it hasn’t changed
At all
It doesn’t look the same somehow
Where did the love go?
Even the lust is gone
Never imagined that could happen…
I was faced with a hypothetical situation I thought about a lot
I didn’t do what I thought I would…

9. Playground

I heard you say
That you appreciate
That I loved you
For who you truly were
But I didn’t know you at all
I didn’t know you
At All

In Durango
I was misunderstood
‘Cause they thought
I was the same
As that guy you wished that I was
I had blisters on my hands
From swinging for hours at the playground

10. Two Wolves

If there are two wolves
Inside of me
Which one do I feed?
Trace the etymology
And you’ll see
They are not black or white…
They are both grey
Oh, but they are not the same!

11. Smile All Day

You have an idea
You have a dream
I have a car
Lets go to the beach!
We can smile all day!

12. Breakfast In Bed

You were asleep in my bed
You were awake in my head
Running through my thoughts
Like a sunny-side-up egg
I would cook you breakfast in the morning
But you always wake up
Before me
…and now you don’t ever sleep here, anyway.

13. Wallow Mind

Cast iron bullet you fired at me
Never lost its flavor
I could taste feel everything you’ve ever shot
All the death, and the blood, and the love
That you wrought

Curled up
Like a seashell on the shore
I’m awake, I’m [wide awake/wallowing]
In a bed of truth
Thinking too much
[Thinking to figure out
Something true]
[Falling in love
With the thoughts that you grew]
I can wallow in your mind
If you’ll wallow in mine

15. Bed Of Truth

Curled up
Like a seashell on the shore
I’m awake, I’m [wide awake/wallowing]
In a bed of truth