1. Burial Ground

Paved over a burial ground
Skeletons make cynical sounds
I needn't hear no more
Got sick on the merry-go-round
So I tossed all of the pennies I'd found right past the fountain
It's not working, I'm just circling...

So I'll take every coaster I can
And decorate the leaves with my pen passage by passage
I’ve got all these baited hooks in my hand
I'll cast them out and reel them back in passion by passion
Well it's working, it's working...

The rain fades off of the stage
The stiff ice eased by the sunlight
A wet haze giving away to clean light

Paved over a burial ground...

2. Lilium

Gone are the days of mirages turned ache
Put spin in my axis, put numbers to days
That genuine flow, that warm fire glow would kill off my green light, and that stump I called passion would defy the odds and see life
I woke up to Spring, gift under her wing
Thought I was immune to that beautiful sting 
Was pruned in my mind, in that pool for some time, but yours was so blue, I just needed to dive to the bottom, oh what a view

The pool, the pulp, the rings beneath the skin
You traced my palm, I asked you to come on in

I rock back and forth in your crescent moon arms, beneath that umbrella of impregnable warmth
Lilium's poise and cascading voice
Sent me down the iceberg
Caught a glimpse of the tip that ignited an insatiable thirst

The roots, the bulb, the flower still blossoming
Unlocked your palm, got pulled through the opening
The peaks, the pines, the gardens encased inside
They pierced my wonder, I opened another eye

Sitting by the water, ice cream dripping down our gladly taken hands, we always miss the sunset, guess we'll see it next time's what we always say, we're always funny that way
Huddled by the fire, Sandy forced us to dig deep under our skin, another bottle empty, I hope that the power never comes back on, it's selfish but I feel so warm
Driving to the end, another mix that we will play until it's dead, a breezy picnic on the cliffs, just seeding my nostalgia, hold my hand and gaze off into the expanse

3. Out The Window

Hanging my head out the window in the blanket of night
Seducing each moon-lighted feature with a black hole's invite
Stirring up waves in the water, I lie back in the flow and float through each chasm and crevice
The beauty unfolds

4. Hive

Followed you back to the hive 
Where the king and the queen reside in branches and photographs
And creaks in the soft spoken wood speaking less than they should 
It triggers an avalanche

It feels nice to rewind now

The walls ooze like sap from a tree clotted with memory
A presence that decorates
Fingerprints riddle the rooms
Artifacts left as proof
A warmth that still radiates

It feels nice to remind

As the energy slowly wades off into time's hungry ocean
And the tension in the swing is lost with the termites in motion
And while nature and nostalgia brawl at the forks in our fabric
The memories bounce off the walls, alive in the attic

5. Rosetta

Immune to persuasion, her reach spanned too far
And stretched through the ether her insatiable arms
While tracing the grains as they pour from her hands
I balance my actions on invisible stands

Of all to be known, who will be shown?
I just smile and say “in time"
But I crave the release in those secrets

There's no way to wrestle intangible hands
So I pour down molasses to hinder my ants
But I'd lay it all down and say "There's nothing else"
I'm no marionette, no I carry myself 

As we sniff down each road in search of the stone
  I sit tight, with open eyes
But they crave something sweet in those secrets
I smile and say "in time"
But I crave the release in those secrets

6. In Death/In Memory

Gripped by the itch of a memory
I carry you past the periphery
Right out of a frame, or a smell, or a taste, you show yourself
In mirrors and portals you've left behind
These lingering hands and a guiding light
Extending yourself, your good hands, your sweet eyes, your calm head, your deep mind
For these strings and your fruit and advice I thank you 

7. Blankets

When the clouds show their teeth I can retreat under our canopy
Sturdy and tall like a fortress of Maple
A precious escape, dip in honey kept safe in the hive
While you hold up a bone to the hounds at my ankles

Dressed in mold, I came in cold, then wore our laughter like a coat
And checked my worries into a bank of snow
As we got buried we shortened the lengths of rope

Around table or flames we pour like summer rain onto tangled root
Then it flows through our veins as we stretch out our branches
So when the clouds start to roar I can weather the storm for a while
Oh the cycle that's born from the kindest of chances

Well I'll keep tight, sixteen smiles
Stretched on the mountain those summer nights
I'd poured my ants down onto the miles of road
I held my hands out and walked on the tightened rope

Stay close enough to shake
When the hands coax you away
Keep your share in the braid
Out five thousand suns from now
When life's pulled us around
Will we squeeze on a couch? 
Stay close enough to shape
When time's wooed you away
Keep your roots in their place
Out ten thousand moons from now
When your arms have been stretched out
Make some room on the couch

8. First Steps

Sunshine glaring through the shield
A foreign view
First steps into the frontier
I tripped a few
Now I gaze ahead atop a wish
Smiling from my point on the fabric
A wave of light crashed over me
Stepped in the flow
Finally more like a tree, and less a stone, who only groans, and spills his guts, left with the bones, it's only luck

No it's only me
Limbs and mind
Thread my feet in the fruits of life
And I drink the juice, win or lose

Now I stretch with the earliest birds
Coffee stained beak
Just turning up stones as I search for gems to keep, the bright and sweet, chew on the flesh, spit out the seeds, on to the next
Sunshine dancing on the shield 
Seeping right through
Deeper into the frontier 
I skip a few, land on the beat and train my luck to guide my feet when I gaze up

I stretched my skin 
Pulled out the straw
Carved my fins through a vibrant Fall
My smiles wide
Let it stretch with time

Feels nice
Wet mind
Fresh eyes
Gold mine