1. Numb Trickery

I could only think of one way to get out to Washington
I read so many books
I tend to lose my mind in them
I've seen so many films
I romanticized a plot again
I write so many songs
I can forget why I write them
I think I sing so many songs just to remember why I write them
To remind him 

Not every one that's written can be timeless
Who knows, one day I may even curse my kindness
I write all my songs to be cast into the wind from my bike
I chant them pedaling, sweating, to hear what it sounds like 

To feel that way again
There was a time I was there
Out there living and feeling and hurting with it 

I came back, intact
It is the voice that pervades all your humming
The only one you trust to be fact
It's the catch that you never saw coming
I'm alone with my words
And there's no way of knowing
How antiquated they are
I'm afraid I'm losing context out here growing faster than a memory fades
To feel that way
There was a time I was there
To be there 

2. It Was

Leaving things can be hard
Seems that with endings a regret of having lived is never far
But to be sad, it only says "how wonderful was that?
All of those things I think we would have never done
If we'd stayed mad or lazy or scared or whatever hinders living"
Seeing that it all was worth more than we thought
And just like that again and again how it slips by without a thought 

It proves that we forgot things we knew
So why when we're not happy do we doubt the day we'll muse
"Too bad, now those days are done and oh how wonderful was that?"
All of those things we wouldn't miss until they're gone
Until it's passed, too bad

It stings, the things I never knew I'd love 

The future's disquieting dark
Can keep the cautious and guarded from ever venturing too far
Into its path, into the unknown of the yet-to-happen land
And of the happiness with no guarantee endorsed
But looking back, how many times you said "how wonderful was that?" 

That includes naked by the river, scrawling notes onto his paper, he's alone
He's a comer and goer but planes don't wait forever to be flown
Oh, will his waves be ever separate from the universe's own?
Flying past the farms a slowing moment, another flat, and a long walk home
Home, home, home, alone 

Naked by the river, scrawling notes onto his paper, he's alone
He's a comer and goer 

Maintaining a future is tough
Seems that the weighing and the judging makes it harder when results insist
"Too bad, you planned ahead and now you aren't where you want
This kind of life's one where just wishing's not enough"
But you could laugh, or cry, or feel
Why not say "fuck it, if I'm stuck"?

3. Vertigo

A fantasy: my high school days
And nostalgia seized me
I came downstairs and knocked on your door
I asked you if you'd want to go on the roof with me and in passing you asked "why?"
I told you and you cried
You were deep inside your room
Feeling the same things
I see no better place to call god!
The unknown... No! The can't be known!
The magical and mystical
It stings or it rings hysterical
Ok, so talking on the roof is really challenging my vertigo
Something in me is bound to forget
Until the end of time
Just please don't be too long
Without remembering it's all right
Just please don't be too long
To remember it's all right
Just please don't be too long
Or I may not have the chance to remember again
Ok, so talking on the roof was really challenging my vertigo
I began to shake and got cold
I wanted so badly to be back inside, curled up in a blanket in a ball
On the couch, safe and sound
But we'd never see it resolved
We had to get it all out and thank god no one had to fall
Now again I know brothers are forever
And it seems heaven is something metastable 

4. Wet Bike Mantra

Oh no, it happened again
I got wet in the rain on the way down the hill
Now my shoes will squeak
Who cares! Aren't you cool?
Don't you like how it smells?
Get dry when you go home
You're never stranded in the city, only worry in the woods
That's the point of the city, you're never really in the woods 

5. The Great Pigeon Chase
Eye drop into my dream on the bed
Restrained at the arms I saw box mountain queen, the first ghost that I’d meet, lifted
Dad’s thumb has shattered and bled
The first ghost I’d ever left dead
Mom’s breathy singing was all I had going but I felt protected and ready
To turn up the volume already
I pushed it too far she yelled at me
I spun on the chair and felt Valerie’s squeal and fell happy 

Ah, I don’t mind a thing
Ah, it was the strangest thing
Talking to you
Walking with you
Quiet with you
Silent with you 

I drop into my dream Stellaless
For the first time in years I saw
An open sea
Nothing more to think

6. Stellaless/Stolen Bike Mantra

When life and dream are one
That's when I'm free
To have all happen as it will
And be without a big chase, when there's not one diversion I need
To get me to sleep
Stella-less, more than what's heard and seen
I've tried severing every single tie just to tailor its seams
And I've invaded every book just to pillage its scenes
But nothing puts me at ease
Like the love that I'm in with my friends
When will I see you again?
Be around me 

It was taken from me
It was stolen from me
What could I have done?
What have I done wrong?
Every day I seem to lose something I had
Every single day something I'm proud of collapses 

My talents and skills
The colors of my eyes
My job, my bike, my friends
The colors of my eyes 

My pride for most anything is as silly as the pride in the colors of my eyes
My pride is as silly as pride in the colors of my eyes 

To be proud
Is to pity those without
Just be grateful 

When the day comes to lose what you love just be grateful to have had it at all
But for god's sakes splurge on a U-lock! 

7. Sixteen Ways

I want so badly to go back outside on the roof to tell you
Sometimes I want to marry you 

16 ways to get back to my Island
I have so much love
If I could hear it in their silence
I'd be on my way
To a perfect existence
Even from so far away, if could hear them when I'd listen 

Through the Cyprus (across the oceans)
And the mountains (this awful continent)
And the pines
I love you even from a plane when you're just a tiny dot below me
Passing too fast for human eyes to see
I think those who live with ease to see a century
Might say to their cells "I love you even as a giant with you just tiny dots inside me"
Well, I put 16 ahead of all of that long ago
I never looked back
But tiny dots can't scream
Loud enough for the human ear to perceive
And now my human heart is weak 

I know there's so much love
If I could hear it in the silence
There'd be no blind, deaf, or dumb
Beyond descriptions of a science
I'll listen for your songs
On my bike in the wind 

8. Last One

Not every song that's written can be timeless
I know and this last one's written with that in mind
in the breeze!
Everyone's a child like me!
I don't even know what it means! 

9. Bike Mantra

I went 95 to 5
Now I go 9 to 5
One tune I've never known 

I went 95 to 5
Now I go 9 to 5
And sound to sound
Can I go home? 

Left 495 for 5
Now it's four 9 to 5's
Two 9s, alright
Can I go home? 

Left 495 for 5
Now it's for 9 to 5's
Two 9s, alright
Can I go home?

10. Schrödinger's Distance

Irene and Sandy keep her from me
Maybe it's best
No "how have you been"s and "where will you go "s if you're going
Seems I always hope to hear from you during hurricanes
I expect a world from you, a world away 

When you close your eyes what will you see?
And will I fade immediately, as light as a leaf?
The sun behind the clouds is as good as gone
But Ken was right, if I'd get above, it was there all along... But that's just not enough 

To believe is to never give the chance to concede
So I chose to tattoo on me, the reminder in chief
But there's nothing as real, a ghost holds my hand
Well, I'll permit it in leave, but you're risking defeat
'Cause what if you turned and nobody would be there?
If nobody would be there...
I know somebody will be there 

I sang to the Filipino lady in vain, I wanted her so badly to smile, I knew not her face
A Schrodingerian screen, the movement of her hand
And then she called out to me "is that you playing guitar there?" 

Fall asleep with me I want to face the world, my dreams, the emptiness, the open sea
Marry me so we can see all the world, the dreams, the emptiness for what it is
Heaven's lessons, blessings given, uncreated, skies to be drawn and homes to be lived in
Not this rotten prison, all's frozen, all for nothing, let it burn as something  never seen again
Alone I go into the void, stumbling, searching all for little lights, just barely living
But together all is working, churning on into the nights, the vast unknown unwritten
In the night, the world alive, laughing, sun is hidden, there's no reason - he's only kidding

11. You Are Good

When the noise and clutter's all cleaned up
You can see the things you couldn't feel before  

You could be told a million times
But no one's ever gonna change your mind
How could they?  

No one sees all the love they got
No one knows all their love at once
Outside of moments and songs 

But I have something now to say
You know that's just clutter in the way
Of all the good 

You are all good
(You are all the good)
Just by wanting to be good 

When you say "that wasn't me back there"
What you mean is "I don't want that to be me... anywhere" 

All the forces put in motion
Acts like a domino effect
An entropic noise and clutter
Gives an illusion that that's it, just an ugly clutter 

But just as a face, it can betray
All of the beauty in your soul
Such is the case with human action
There's no reflection in this world pristine as its purest origins 

I know it's difficult to break through
Sometimes you can't will yourself out
Just by virtue of your wanting
To be the good inside yourself, try anyway 

Don't resent another's clutter
Try forgiving every ugly  scene
I swear, when their guards down they whisper
"I don't want that to be me" 

You are all the good
They are all good
You are all good