1. in god we trust

i saw the president kneeling by the cross
and jesus christ he was hard as a rock
and mr president proceeded to suck him off
in god we trust
i know its rendered useless
when it takes place in a fucked up space
of commerce that only gets worse
the commerce it only gets worse
it only gets worse from here
if we dont do a thing my dear
i just i wanna know
where to go with my youth
while im still young
alright michael i know you feel it in your bones
just sift through the gravy stew and the stones
and listen to the rock and roll tunes
that your momma and your papa laid you down to
i know its true

2. cowboys

im wondering who
is gonna set me free
you know the governments been selling me
who brought the cowboys here (who brought the cowboys here)
who taught them how to rope a steer (how do you rope it?)
they aint taking the east this year
they belong in the west i bet it on my dime
woah i bet it on my dime (i wouldnt bet a nickel)
i thought i thought of you again (thought i thought of you)
and then i coughed up some phlegm
cigarettes and beer on the front porch
looks like you got me drunk again
woah im unemployed again (na na na na ah na ah)
and now its time fir us to go quarters in hand down to the movies
well fuck you ashton kutcher for playing stephen apple
these laptops suck anyways
these laptops aint bringing better days
oh the days they slip away
oh hey man your so west coast
what the hell does that even mean
im gonna have to wrong another wrong
just to prove to you no one is where they belong

3. boss daddy

oh its impossible
oh im impossible to please
thats how the girls describe me
oh come on boss daddy
wont you scribe me?
a new paycheck so i can pay my rent
its pretty cheap but i find a way
not to make ends meet
oh baby i dont wanna meet
its hard when
youre wearing a mask
i aint blame i aint ask
coercion and extortion are the tokens of the past
im wearing a mask
i fill the satisfatcion flask
coerction and extortion are the tokens of the meaningless task
its impossible
when youre being so cynical

4. tv set 2

is this what tv does to us
is this what the television does to us
tune in this week catch last weeks
episode itll really make you splode
trust me yeah its really
that gross did you hear how they spoke
catch the highlights tomorrow morning
goddamn shes right im so fucking boring
i need to get a new life
goddamn shes right she saw right through the night

5. moldy showers

i was taken back by your antics
oh youre so oblivious cant you see
what youre doing to me (but he still)
love you anyways (guess hes just)
crazy for you
showers they grow mold
when you dont turn em on
and baby i got mold (its so)
cold (that you dont)
see what youre doing to me (but he still)
love you anyways (guess hes just)
crazy for you

6. rockin' out with my voice

woah im rocking out with my voice
woah im rocking out with my boys
what is the cost if i never get it done on time
what is hte loss if i fucking lose my mind
take a back seat hun blend in with the times
i know it aint fun when you gotta wait in line
for your personality
its not a pretty scene
they got these objects in the breeze
they call them commodities
and they occupy me
all night long
woah im rocking out with my voice
woah im rock out with my boys
woah im rocking out to the noise
woah i never really had a choice

7. freeway

i know the freeway it aint so free
but baby ask me theres no doubt you can ride with me
posters on your wall remind me of suburban malls
raised us better than our parents could
oh baby please wait i got something to say
i think you know myself better than i ever will
oh baby can i stay i aint got no place
id rather be yeah than your embrace
oh ignore what i say it never really made sense
its just the same old shit in a different sentence

8. kellogs

oh woah oh oh
ill go my own way
i heard what you had to say
my heart is on backwards
dont mean i aint moving forward
oh woah oh oh
kellogs cereal (and that)
sony stereo (and my)
bank account is at zero (but im)
still smiling

9. small bladder

could you do me a favor
imma need you to pull over
im sorry that i always had such a small bladder
im looking at the mountains and the trees yeah
i dont know why they aint taking seriously yeah
you can call your country hotline
they wont give a fuck about you or your dog
or the fact that your eyes are glued to the gloss
his hands are glued to his crotch
could you do me a favor
i just dont wanna run over
to the place that they made sure that it wouldnt matter
im looking at the concrete and the streets yeah
thinking about the predetermined hours that i eat

10. car dealership magazine

flipping through a car magazine
i saw an ad that spoke out to me
said see us now for your fresh new start
its just a chance to reclaim your parts
those drywall sheets nd automobiles
strung together now in a loop of abstract meals
oh we got those abstract meals
got it with that abstract deal
now you got yourself an abstract steal
just wanna try
try and to replace
the terms that they negotiate
oh yeah its gonna fluctuate
im talking about the price of your fate
or the language they regurgitate
just to paint it all as fake
now no ones a saint
not when theres no safe place
not when theres no closed case
if you aint wearing nice nice clothes
get in the groove right now
we started off way too fast
get in the groove right now
you lost all the cool you had

11. bring it on

give me a sec let my phone ring
everything i say i try not to sing
i just hate aestheticizing
my lord given voice
just for a chance to be heard
just for a lousy chance to be heard
i hate sitting around but my friends love it
and i love them more than the world
or anything ive found that claims to be so profound
the things ive found you know them well
cause you helped me dig them from the ground
my brain is all cramped up
the figures are out of touch
yada yada such and such
the fumes are way too much