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A brief history of Practice Room Records

     In 2006, Adam & Naive was formed. Together, they cleaned up the little detached basement from Tyler's parents' house and had some band practices in there. They called it the Practice Room. Shows were played, and an album, Camera Songs was released to the world.

     Then over the next couple of years, lots of decorating the Practice Room, hosting a variety of events in there, and some straight up hanging out there happened. But it wasn't until 2009 when Adam & Naive started jamming again, recording with Mike Fiore to release a new album, Summer in the Storm Cellar. Thinking, "Well we don't really have any money to press it to vinyl or cd or anything, let's just give it out for free online." Thus, Practice Room Records was created as a blog, and SitSC was given away for free.

     The members of Adam & Naive started releasing solo material here too, keeping the notion of DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. Lots of albums and splits were on the way when they decided to make a website for it. With no knowledge whatsoever, Kenny made the first website. And it was this piece:

The First Site

     Well at least it was simple... In 2010, Adam & Naive got their own recording equipment to record Every Starry Night, which led to many albums being recorded there, in the Practice Room, with a whole bunch of friends. Practice Room Records grew with every new release, always for free download, when they decided to make the website look less like a kindergarden drawing and slightly more professional. Kenny learned a bit more about web-design, but with the ever-growing numbers of projects and friends up on the site, it got a bit cluttered and uncontrollable.

The Second Site

     The last few years of PRR has been the norm, playing shows/hanging out in the Practice Room, living in different cities, forming new bands, recording new stuff, releasing it to the world on the site. The bottom line is, Practice Room Records is a great group of friends who release all their music for free. You can buy physical merch of course, but it will always be a free download for everything we got.

     The last show we had there, Andrew Sliwoski took a great picture of the Practice Room which we're now using all over the site. Thanks dude. And thanks Tiff Smalley for the great advice on the design of this new site. And the rest of Practice Room Records for both answering an annoying amount of emails and for being patient when my computer died mid-website creation.